How to File a Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawsuit In 2024

Inadequate training, defensive driving, and feeling of exhaustion from the hectic schedules of trucking companies are the main causes of a vehicle accident. Filing a commercial vehicle Accident lawsuit will help you get maximum compensation for the injuries and losses suffered.

commercial vehicle Accident lawsuit

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Difference between commercial vehicle accidents and typical car accidents

In addition to the higher minimum insurance requirements and the likelihood of more severe injuries, with buses and large truck accidents have these unique aspects:

  • There are more parties involved. 
  • Commercial vehicles have to follow rules that don’t apply to cars. 
  • Federal law limits the number of hours that a truck driver can drive within 24 hours. If the driver exceeds this restriction, that strengthens your compensation case. 

Whom to sue in commercial vehicle accidents

  • The driver. 
  • The company or government entity that owns the vehicle. 
  • The manufacturer of the vehicle. 
  • The owner of the premises.

Important steps to take while facing commercial vehicle accident

  • It provides legal records of the commercial vehicle accident, the demeanor of the person who called 911, and anyone who can be heard in the background. 
  • It also helps you get access to the official crash report (CR-3). You can give it to your lawyer along with other important information collected at the scene. 
  • Even minor accidents can cause spinal injuries. Therefore, it’s better to have a proper medical evaluation. 
  • You should record all your medical expenses to get compensation later. 
  • Memories fade and witnesses will start moving forward. 
  • However, if you collect the names and contact information of any witness, it will become easier for you to file a commercial vehicle claim. Moreover, it will also help your lawyer in further investigation. 

Contacting an insurance company will help you get insurance coverage with a hassle-free procedure. 

Compensation for a commercial vehicle accident lawsuit

The amount of compensation you will get will depend on the facts of your situation. Here are the common types of damages:

  • Lost wages, if you have missed your paychecks or self-employment income as a result of your injuries. 
  • Medical expenses. It includes the total cost of the treatment you needed for your injuries. 
  • Pain and suffering from emotional distress and physical discomfort. 
  • Other losses linked with your crash. 

Insurance requirements for commercial vehicles

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the motor carrier industry, including tractor-trailers and freight haulers. It requires certain insurance on the commercial vehicle to get a fair settlement for commercial vehicle Accident lawsuit, such as:

  • If the truck hauls freight, it must have $750,000 in insurance. In addition, there could be up to $5 million in coverage. 
  • If the truck weighs under 10,001 pounds and only transports non-hazardous commodities, the insurance requirement is $300,000. 
  • A commercial vehicle that transports passengers must carry $5 million. The owner of the vehicle must carry $1.5 million in insurance if the seating capacity is 15 or fewer people.

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