Inadequate or Negligent Security Lawsuit in 2024

Negligent security, also known as premises security or inadequate security, is a legal cause of action brought against a property owner. In addition, a person can file a negligent security lawsuit when he/she is injured on the property due to a lack of reasonable security. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the common injuries in physical assaults include:

  • Bone breaks.
  • Bruising. 
  • Cuts and lacerations. 
  • Internal injuries. 
  • Head injuries. 

Additionally, the mental health of the victim can also suffer greatly after an assault or a robbery. The victim can suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other debilitating illnesses. 

You can file a negligent security action against:

  • Apartment complexes. 
  • Hospitals. 
  • Parking garages.
  • Retail stores. 
  • Shopping malls. 
  • Schools.

How to win a negligent security case?

For a personal injury lawsuit regarding negligent security to be successful, you must show that:

  • The defendant possessed the duty of care and protection to you. 
  • The defendant knew that there was a risk of injury through some form of assault but didn’t notify anyone. 
  • The lapse in security resulted in a crime being committed against you. 

In negligent security lawsuit, attorneys work to uncover prior criminal activity at or around premises to show an owner had constructive knowledge that an incident may occur. It’s the first step toward bringing justice to an injured party. 

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General examples of negligent security

  • A blocked emergency exit. 
  • Broken fencing. 
  • Broken security cameras.
  • Inadequate lighting. 
  • Untrained security guards. 
  • Unlocked gates. 

Unfortunately, negligent security can lead to various serious and violent crimes such as battery, sexual assault, shooting, stabbings, and robberies. Therefore, the consequences for a victim can be lifelong emotional suffering and a variety of debilitating physical injuries, including death. 

Types of compensation

The types of compensation available in a negligent security lawsuit are based on the state where the lawsuit is filed. In general, a plaintiff can recover:

  • Economic damages: it includes monetary losses that lead from your injuries. For example; lost wages, medical expenses, property damages, and more.
  • Non-economic damages: it includes non-monetary losses that lead from your injuries. For example; physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more. 

Note: It doesn’t matter what state you are from, it’s better to keep track of all your documents and expenses from the injury. These records will help you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. 

However, negligent security cases are tough to prove in some cases. All negligent security cases require thorough investigations to uncover the evidence to support your claims. 

Negligent Security Lawsuit

When statutes of limitations begin

The statutes of limitations automatically kick in on the day of your injury or the day when your loved one dies. Nevertheless, according to the American Bar Association (ABA), you can extend the statute of limitation with the discovery rule. 

How a negligent security lawyer can help your claim?

  • Builds your case.
  • Identifies the responsible parties. 
  • Knowledge of the applicable laws. 
  • Negotiates with the defendant and insurance. 
  • Works for you on a contingency basis. 

Acting quickly can help your claim

If you want a lawyer who cares about you and the outcome of your negligent security lawsuit, contact Ethen Ostroff. He and his connections will ensure you get every dollar possible for what you went through. 

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