Burn Injury Lawsuit in 2024 | How to Recover Damages after Burn Injury

Severe burn injuries lead to permanent physical restrictions, scars, and emotional traumas. In some cases, it will leave you with lost income, medical bills, and a lot of pain. Burn injury lawsuit helps you recover the costs through a personal injury or worker’s compensation claim.

Burn Injury Lawsuit

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Types of burn injuries:

A mild burn and does not require any medical treatment. You might feel discomfort and see a reddening of the outer layer of your skin. However, you can likely use an over-the-counter topical burn remedy to reduce the pain. It heals on its own within a few days.

It includes blisters, red skin, and pain. It might appear glossy or involve leaking of fluid and skin loss. Nevertheless, it should be treated by an experienced doctor or urgent care medical professional.

As it penetrates the skin and destroys tissues, it is one of the most severe categories of burn injury. In this stage, your skin becomes dry and leathery and could appear brown, white, or black. Nonetheless, it requires emergency medical attention.

Most common burn injuries

You can take burn injury legal action in the following cases:

when a hot liquid comes into contact with your skin.

when the electrical voltage on the surface of your skin causes internal damage. 

when a gas leaks and catches fire.

Radiation from medical treatments or tanning beds.

when a strong acid or base comes into contact with your skin.

In addition, a burn injury could be more or less severe according to the part of the body that is affected, the age of the person, or the source of the burn. However, children and elderly people don’t heal as well as others. 

People with respiratory illness, kidney diseases, heart conditions, and diabetes are more affected by a burn than others without those conditions.

Steps to take after a burn injury

  1. Seek medical attention to reduce the long-term impact of your injury. 
  2. Take pictures of your injuries as they progress and document each stage of healing.
  3. Contact a qualified lawyer to get your burn injury claim with a hassle-free procedure.

How to prove negligence in a burn injury claim?

The plaintiff (injured party) has the burden of proof that the defendant (accused party) is legally responsible for burn injury. Therefore, for a hassle-free burn injury lawsuit settlement, the plaintiff needs to show the defendant:

  • Owned the plaintiff a legal duty of obligation. 
  • Duty or obligation was breached. 
  • The breach is the factual and legal cause of the accident. 
  • The burn injury accident caused harm to the plaintiff. 
  • Under state law, the defendant has to compensate the plaintiff for the harm suffered.

Compensation for burn injuries:

  • Cost of medical treatment. 
  • Past and future income. 
  • Retraining cost if  you can no longer work at the job you had before the injury. 
  • Benefits to the family of a worker who died from a work-related accident or illness. 
  • Partial compensation for permanent injuries. 

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