How to Claim a Motorbike Accident Compensation In 2024

Undoubtedly, motorcyclists are the most vulnerable group of road users. According to a recent survey by the government, the fatality rate for bikers per billion passenger miles is 104.6. In addition, 336 motorcyclists died in 2019, with 16,224 motorbike crash. Consequently, to reduce the compensation, the insurance companies try to prove that your injuries weren’t as serious as you claimed. Therefore, hire the best motorcycle accident lawyer to counter the tactics and gather all the evidence to prove the severity of your injuries. Read more about Motorbike Accident Compensation

Motorbike Accident Compensation

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Common causes of a motorcycle accident:

  • A failure to negotiate bends.
  • Collisions at junctions.
  • Driving while consuming alcohol or drugs.
  • Loss of control.
  • Speeding.
  • Overtaking collisions.

How long do I have to make a Motorbike Accident Compensation?

  • To make a successful Motorbike Accident Compensation, ensure you bring the case within the personal injury time limit. In addition, you need to follow the points given below.
  • Depending  on which state you live in, You have 3 years to make any Motorbike Accident Compensation from the date of your accident.
  • If the injured are below the age of 18, they would be known as a minor and won’t be able to represent themselves in a claim. Instead, a relative or litigation friend can claim on their behalf.
  • If the injured person loses the mental capacity to claim or lacks it, the litigation friend is allowed to claim on their behalf. Moreover, the 3-year clock will freeze until the person starts their recovery and  represents themselves.

How do police categorize road and motorbike Crash injuries?

  1. Very serious cases: it includes broken neck or spine, limb loss, head and brain injury, chest injury with shortness of breath.
  2. Moderately serious cases: it includes deeply penetrative wounds, partial loss of a limb plus thighs, chest injuries, and pelvis fractures that cause severe internal bleeding.
  3. Less serious cases: it includes minor head wounds, collarbone, deep cuts, leg arm, or other extremity fractures.
  4. Slight cases: it includes soft tissue sprains and strains, muscle damage, shock, minor cuts, grazes, and 

What to do if you’re included in a motorbike accident?

  1. Take photographs of your motorbike crash as well as your injuries if they are visible.
  2. Acquire the contact details of the person that caused the accident.
  3. Contact police to file a case. 
  4. Instruct a no-win-no-fee solicitor.
  5. Keep proof of all the expenses, including travel costs, loss of income, cost of treatment, and more.
  6. Nevertheless, sit down and take notice of everything that occurred.
  7. Contact professionals who’re experienced in handling these cases, including motorbike attorneys. 

Things to claim when involved in Motorbike Accident

  1. The physical pain and physiological sufferings.
  2. Medical expenses, including injuries, medications, and more.
  3. The period you are without your motorbike.
  4. Motorbike repair costs.
  5. Replacement motorbike hire.
  6. Loss of earning.
  7. Damaged belongings.

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