A Basic Guide to File Lyft Injury Lawsuit In 2024

Every rideshare injury case is unique. Filing a Lyft injury lawsuit can help you get hassle-free compensation for the injuries and losses you have suffered. In addition, if you are a victim of sexual assault in a Lyft, ensure to report the assault to the police as soon as possible. 

Lyft injury lawsuit

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Here is all you need to make note of in order to file a case:

  • The driver’s name, address, and contact information. 
  • The insurance information for your Lyft driver. 
  • Any insurance information regarding Lyft own insurance. 
  • The insurance information of other drivers. 
  • Try to click pictures of the damages. 
  • Name, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses. 
  • If you or anyone else is injured, call 911. 
  • Regardless of whether you need emergency attention or not, plan to see a doctor immediately after your accident. 

How much are Lyft Injury settlements?

Generally, the personal injury settlements for Lyft range between $300,000 and $1 million. However, the amount for your Lyft injury settlement needs to be proportional to the severity of your injuries. 

How to sue Lyft Injury Lawsuit ?

To sue Lyft, you need to go through various steps, such as:

All you need to do is write who you are, what are the issues, and what you want to receive as compensation. However, it’s important to send this letter through U.S. certified mail. 

Each state possesses different forms to fill out. Therefore, it’s vital to contact your local court clerk so that they can easily direct you to the appropriate forms. 

Make three copies of the complaint. Additionally, the court will stamp all three copies and keep the original. 

You should serve one of the stamped copies to the rideshare company. The service of the process needs to be completed by someone over the age of 18.

If the agreement is not reached during the settlement, your Lyft injury lawsuit will go to trial. Most of the cases against Lyft generally end in a settlement. 

The judge and jury will determine whether you will win the case or not. If you win the case, you will be eligible for your desired financial compensation. 

Before you start the Lyft injury lawsuit process, don’t forget to speak to an attorney. A skilled and experienced attorney will assist you to estimate the true cost of the injuries and their impact on your life. 

Nevertheless, it will help you evaluate how much compensation you will get and whether it is sufficient to cover your damages or not. 

Compensation from Lyft injury lawsuit

  • Assistance with mental health treatment costs. 
  • Compensation for medical bills. 
  • Damages for pain and suffering. 
  • Replacement pay for lost work. 

If you want a lawyer who cares about you and the outcome of your Lyft injury lawsuit, choose Ethen Ostroff. He and his professional connections will ensure you get every dollar possible for what you went through. 

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