A Comprehensive Overview on Bone and Muscle Injury Lawsuit in 2024

If you were suffered from bone and muscle damages in an accident that was not your fault, you can file a bone and muscle injury lawsuit to get maximum compensation for your claims. Along with the legal action, you also need to take prompt medical attention because of the risk of permanent neurological damage, respiratory distress, infections, and more.

Here are some elements necessary to establish liability for a premises liability claim

  • The accident was foreseeable, and even the owner should have been aware that it could happen.
  • The owner made efforts to warn the guests or to resolve all the conditions.
  • You were on the property with the permission of your owner and the owner has a duty not to cause you any type of harm but isn’t responsible for upkeep or maintaining a property to be free from hazards.

However, to get maximum compensation for your claim, you need to prove that you:

  • Slipped on ice in the parking lot while visiting a public library, school, or other government facilities.
  • Tripped over a loose floor tile or piece made up of carpet in a restaurant, store, or other business.
  • Fell on loose steps on someone’s property.
  • Injured by a loose or broken fixture in a house or apartment that was rented from a landlord.
Bone and Muscle Injury Lawsuit

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Common orthopedic injuries

There are various bone and muscle injuries that orthopedists treat regularly. Sometimes, they just happen. Most of these could occur without being triggered by a specific injury or activity.

Often, though, they happen as a result of a slip and fall, car accident, work injury, or other kinds of accident that could be due to someone’s negligence.

Here are the top 9 orthopedic injuries you must know

Wrist fracture. Sports, slip and fall accidents and other kinds of accidents can lead to a wrist fracture that would be treated either by immobilization with a cast or with surgery to stabilize small bones.

A sprain is extremely common, and usually, it requires little treatment other than rest, ice, and compression. There are cases when the ligaments are damaged and require additional treatment.

CTS is an injury suffered by people who perform repetitive motions at work. It is mostly seen in people who type at keyboards for long periods of time. It is also seen in people who spend many hours driving, factory assembly line workers, restaurant workers who are frequently slicing or preparing food, and other jobs.

Proving your injuries by dealing with the top lawyers will help you get a fair bone and muscle injury settlement.

A shoulder does not dislocate easily; it usually occurs in an accident, contact injury, or sports-related activity. Therefore, if your shoulder has dislocated once, it is more likely that it will happen again. Sometimes, these type of bone and muscle injuries requires surgery for treatment.

The meniscus is the cartilage in the knee that allows you to move your legs accurately. When the foot is placed in an awkward position, it can damage the meniscus drastically. Moreover, in some cases, a torn meniscus can resolve itself and the patient would rely on physical therapy and rest for pain relief. In more severe cases, a torn meniscus requires surgery for repair.

The plantar fascia ligament attaches your toes to the heel. As a result, the stress of this ligament can cause pain and swelling that is particularly resolved with rest and decreased activity.

Although a stress fracture is a broken bone, it sometimes goes undiagnosed because it is not as complicated and painful as a regular broken bone. For example, unlike a bone that breaks in an accident, a stress fracture can happen from stress and wear and tear on the muscles. These types of bone and muscle injuries are most common in the feet and ankles and require surgery.

Tennis elbow isn’t specific to playing tennis. The repetitive motion or weight-bearing use of your wrist and arm can lead to the tendons around the elbow becoming irritated and painful. Often, this condition can be treated with rest and physical therapy.

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee can tear when the leg makes an abrupt or awkward turn or positioning. Although rest and physical therapy can be helpful for some people with minor ACL tears, most people require surgery for this condition.

The rotator cuff helps your shoulder to move in a circular motion. Just like the meniscus, it tears when under stress, is very painful, and restricts the person’s range of motion. Sometimes it can heal with rest and an arm brace or sling, but this injury often requires surgery.

Compensation for bone and muscle injury lawsuit 

If you have gone through a car accident and suffered an injury, you can file a bone and muscle injury claim to recover damages for:

Assistive devices (wheelchair, walker, home modifications like ramps, etc.)

  • Medical treatment, including hospital and doctor visits, surgeries, medication, etc.
  • Ongoing therapies and rehabilitation
  • Loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Loss of consortium.
  • Lost income, past, and future.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Mental distress
  • Permanent disfigurement

Act quickly

In every bone and muscle injury claim, time is critical. Therefore, if you have been injured in an accident, the clock starts ticking at the moment your accident occurred. An experienced broken bone lawyer will collect and preserve evidence important in presenting your case. 

Moreover, in some broken bone injury cases, it is vital for the bone and muscle injury lawyer to collect evidence relating to your injury. As a result, they will document the accident scene and vehicles involved in the accident. The evidence collected is sometimes used by medical experts to reconstruct the events leading up to your bone injury, or the accident scene itself. Dealing with the top bone and muscle injury in Philadelphia will help you get fair compensation for all your damages. They will fight on your behalf for your broken bone injury to get you the compensation you deserve, while you and your doctor focus on your health and recovery.

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