Wrongful Conviction: Philadelphia Man Free

Willie Stoke, a Philadelphia man free from the wrongful murder charge. He maintained that the testimony against him  was a lie. In addition, all the wrongful charges were made by homicide detectives who bribed the witness with access to sex and drugs.

“Today is a remarkable day. We are extremely thankful to have Willie Stoke back”. However, it’s also a sad day because it reminds us of how lawless, unfair, and unjust Philadelphia law enforcement was for so long.” said his lawyer, Michael Diamondstein.  

 The witness, Franklin Lee, testified against Stokes at his 1984 preliminary hearing for the murder of Leslie Campbell in North Philadelphia. However, at the Willie Stroke trial, he shocked the prosecutor by recanting. Stokes was imprisoned and sentenced to life without bail.

“This notable case is marked by prosecutorial and policing practices that were too persistent during the 1980s and 1990s. Unfortunately, persisting in far too many jurisdictions today. Now, the prosecutors have an obligation to seek justice for sex-for-lies and to redefine prosecutorial success – not merely by ‘wins’ in the form of convictions, but by equality and truthfulness to solve the criminal investigations and prosecutions,” Michael Diamondstein said in a statement.

Section 12-611 of the Arizona Revised Statutes describes wrongful death as a situation where there would be enough evidence to file for a personal injury suit if the injured party has not died.

Philadelphia Man Free

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Compensating the wrongfully convicted

Willie Stokes is just an example of one of many who were wrongfully convicted. It is okay to ask questions and to stand up for yourself. If you were wrongfully convicted you are eligible to:

  • To file a lawsuit against where you were wrongfully convicted
  • Receive monetary damages for what happened to you in a civil rights lawsuit


If you were wrongfully convicted, you deserve to get justice for the preventable sentence you served. You potentially have a civil case against the city or county where you were imprisoned. Experienced lawyers will review your case for free and get you the answers you deserve.

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