How to Achieve Justice in Airport Accident Lawsuit 2024

Are you or your loved one a victim of involuntary or accidental injury at the airport? Even if your loved one experienced wrongful death due to an airport accident or negligence of airport management, filing an airport accident lawsuit is your best decision.

An accident in any part of an airport that results in personal injury, medical bills, wrongful death, or any other expenses might be eligible for a claim.

Airport Accident Lawsuit

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Common injuries in airport accidents

burns, cuts, and scratches that leave the skin open and exposed to potential infection.

Any bone you break at an airport means you have an airport accident claim on your hands.

Neck injuries are the most dangerous and can be life-threatening. It includes things like pulled muscles, whiplash, and spine injuries.

It occurs when you break or damage vertebrae on the spine. It is also a serious and deadly injury that leaves people paralyzed.

Traumatic brain injuries impact our cognitive functioning and the way we think.

If your loved one has died because of an airport accident, you might have a personal injury claim.

Examining airport accidents (from parking lots to jetways)

There are enormous ways an accident in an airport can occur. Here are some of the most common airport locations and accidents to help you provide a basic guide to airport accidents.

Airport terminals are fast-paced environments that contain travelers and airport personnel constantly on the move. Often there are obstructions to the walkways allowing for potential injury. Obstacles that can cause harm, but are not limited to slippery areas from spills and the active cleanup of such spills by the airport staff or the blockage of passageways from a traveler’s items or unattended airport equipment.

When travelers face an accident directly involving the aircraft, jetways, or tarmac at an airport, it leads to an aviation accident. Therefore, if you have experienced a personal injury through an aviation accident as a passenger or employee, you may have an injury claim. Choosing skilled lawyers will help you how to get maximum airport accident compensation.

The baggage claim terminal in an airport has led to various injuries. Just like the escalator, the baggage claim’s conveyor belt is a heavy, automatic piece of machinery that runs the risk of various serious injuries, such as broken bones, sprains, and more.

Where there are cars, you will find accidents. Consequently, the parking lot of an airport is no exception. The top car accident attorneys represent pedestrians hit by a car pulling in, backing out of space, or while auto collisions.

When not adequately maintained, escalators can also lead to accidents. An escalator can cause harm by catching a passenger’s clothing or luggage and tugging them down. Nevertheless, even if the fingers of an individual become stuck in the small openings around the escalator, it can lead to life-threatening accidents. Incidences concerning escalators lead to injuries, including the neck and broken bones. Therefore, if you have received accidental injuries relating to an airport escalator, you may have the right to file your claim. The lawyers will help you get a fair airport accident settlement without any hassle.

In the United States, food lawsuits are common. One of the major and famous suits concerning food and service is the case of Lieback v. Mcdonald’s Restaurants. During 1992, a 73-year-old Stella Lieback spilled a dangerously hot cup of coffee offered by the fast-food chain on her lap, leading to third-degree burns in her pelvic region and a wide range of skin grafts. 

When these types of accidents take place in an airport food court, the airport and the corporation operating the restaurant are responsible for the injuries and associated costs.

Many travelers spend time browsing the airport’s retail and convenience stores while waiting to board their flights. However, if an accident occurs while at a retail store that requires medical attention, you are eligible to file an airport accident lawsuit. 

In a retail store, protruding shelving, slippery floors, and operational equipment, such as floor scrubber that is left out can cause serious accidents. If you have had an accident in an airport retail store, you can easily claim the airport management.

Who is Liable: The airport or the airline?

When an accident occurs on an airplane because of the negligence of the airline, the airline will be liable for the injuries. 

For example, tripping over debris in the aisle of the airplane, being hit by objects falling out of the overhead bin, injuries caused by attendants, or other accidents related specifically to the airline including aviation accidents.

When the accident occurs in the airport terminal, walking from one gate to another, near the food court, or in the waiting areas or other public places at the airport, the airport manager can be held liable for injuries that occur due to negligence.

There are times when both the airline and the airport manager are liable for injuries. If you are in doubt and want to get professional assistance, the skilled and experienced airport accident lawyers in Philadelphia will help you clear all your doubts regarding the case.

If you are injured in the airport waiting area for an airplane, the airport management will be held liable for the airport injury claims. However, you need to be cautious and be sure you include the right defendant in your lawsuit.

Nevertheless, the court might reject your suit against the airline as it is the wrong entity and you have lost your right to pursue damages. A knowledgeable attorney will help you determine the correct person or party to name as a defendant in your personal injury lawsuit.

Why choose an experienced attorney?

You should not rely on an overworked airport manager to ensure you get the right treatment you need to compensate you for your broken bones, wrongful death, and traumatic brain injury.

Ethen Ostroff and his connections are experienced and skillfully manage airport accident lawsuit, starting with a free consultation. We operate nationwide and have prosecuted claims from the major airports and airport retailers across the country.

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