E-Cigarette Explosion Lawsuit in 2024 - A Complete Guide to Win

If you are suffering from a personal injury from an e-cigarette explosion, you have the legal right to file an e-cigarette explosion lawsuit 2024. Without proper safety regulations or sufficient product testing, e-cigarette cartridges and vaping liquids are leaving customers at risk.

Approximately one-third of reported vape battery explosions left behind some kind of significant damage to a room, home, or vehicle where the vape was stored. This gets worse when the vape is close to papers, clothes, or other items that could easily catch fire, making it more likely for this mishap to occur. In addition, many of these products are inappropriately marketed to younger audiences, such as teenagers and young adults.

When buying a product, such as an e-cigarette, customers have the right to expect the item they are purchasing to be safe and fit for its intended purpose. Unfortunately, however, many times, undisclosed side effects, or some other defects, can occur, leading to untold injuries. In these cases, distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of e-cigarettes can all be held liable for injuries sustained by the victims. Choosing the right e-cigarette explosion lawyers will help you with their proven strategies to win your case.

Grounds for filing an e-cigarette explosion lawsuit in 2024

Some of the common reasons for e-cigarette explosions include:

  • Using vape during cold days below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Vaping in extreme heat above 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Having the battery out of the device.
  • Lack of industry-wide standards for the manufacturer.
  • Lack of safety information from the manufacturer.
  • Lithium-ion battery explosions.

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As more and more people are filing e-cigarette explosion lawsuit, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings on reported illnesses and catastrophes caused by an e-cigarette. These include:

  • Congestive heart failure.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Seizure.
  • Severe burns.
  • Vape battery explosion.

These warnings and reported illnesses should be properly published on e-cigarette devices. If this is the case and you incur any of the illnesses reported above, you can file an e-cigs explode lawsuit to get the compensation you deserve.

E-Cigarette Explosion Lawsuit

Key points about e-cig batteries explosion

  • E-cig or other vaping device brands have been available to consumers for the past several years. Moreover, it has been found that almost 3 million people are using them in the United States.
  • Although traditional cigarettes are regulated by the federal government, the e-cigarette and vape brands are not always regulated appropriately.
  • Although e-cigarette pens are controlled by the federal government, e-cigarettes are not always regulated as they should be. This leads to a high product liability rate.
  • When the lithium-ion battery in the vape overheats, the flammable electrolyte could explode.
  • Contacting the top lawyers can help you get maximum compensation for the injuries and trauma caused by a sudden e-cigarette explosion.

Top reasons for battery overheating in an electronic cigarette

Generally, vape batteries overheat due to the following:

  • Battery overcharge.
  • External heat.
  • Internal cell fault.
  • Puncture.
  • Short circuit.

In some cases, an e-cig can blast spontaneously, leading to chemical blasts and injuries to the user. In extreme cases, e-cig batteries may cause a fire. This is why it is important to maintain working smoke detectors in your household.

Types of injuries caused by vape battery explosion

There are various reports of burned victims and their e-cigarette explosion claims against distributors, manufacturers, and sellers of electronic devices. Additionally, thousands of consumers have suffered severe injuries from exploding batteries.

Vape battery explosions can affect the quality of a person’s personal and professional life when they sustain a severe injury. These injuries are:

In such a situation, it’s vital to find a skilled and highly knowledgeable exploding e-cig battery lawyer who can help you recover all your losses and damages in the events following any e-cigarette injuries. This is a smart move for any personal injury case. After all, you deserve justice and fair compensation, as you have done nothing wrong!

Few tips for proper care and handling of 18650 and other vaping batteries

Here are a few proactive tips to prevent e-cig battery explosion.

  • Avoid using, charging, or handling a battery with a damaged wrapper.
  • Recycle or dispose of damaged batteries promptly in approved disposal containers or recycling centers.
  • Always purchase batteries from trusted manufacturers. In other words, try not to purchase used batteries from another private individual.
  • Never keep spare batteries in pant pockets or purses where they can come into contact with coins, keys, or other metallic objects.
  • If you need to carry spare batteries, look for a shockproof case to hold them and protect them from other objects.
  • Avoid storing vaping batteries in direct sunlight or extreme heat.
  • Never leave vapor devices or batteries charging overnight; avoid leaving battery chargers unattended.

However, when an e-cig explosion happens, it’s essential to know your options for legal recourse.

How to file an e-cigarette explosion lawsuit?

Filing e-cigarette explosion lawsuit is a complex process and largely falls under the purview of product liability law. Product manufacturers need to ensure their products perform as they advertise them. In addition, the product label should contain adequate instructions for use and safety warnings without posing any extraordinary risk to consumers with regular use.

To get a fair e-cigarette explosion settlement amount in 2024, the plaintiff must prove that the product in question was defective and has caused the plaintiff’s damages. Your e-cigarette or vape can qualify as “defective” in any one of three ways:

It describes an inherent flaw in the design of the product. A defective design means that all the products produced using the design are inherently defective and potentially dangerous.

It describes a product that does not contain adequate safety warnings or instructions for use. It can also apply to devices that do not perform as advertised.

There was a flaw in the assembly or production process that may only have affected some units. Reporting a defect in the product will compel the manufacturer to halt production until they can identify and resolve the production issue. As a result, the manufacturer will likely issue a recall for affected units.

Things to do if your e-cigarette explodes

Are you currently a user and consumer of e-cigarettes? If yes, there are several steps you need to take to protect yourself and your right to move forward with an e-cigarette explosion lawsuit claim. The first thing to do is take any steps necessary to protect yourself as well as other individuals. For example, you can reduce the fire and limit injuries by calling firefighters and medical professionals.

Other steps that need to be followed after an incident include:

  • Document all of your injuries.
  • Gather all the evidence, such as the clothes you were wearing, damaged items, the charger, and your e-cigarette device that caused the explosion.
  • Get the contact information of all the witnesses who saw the incident.
  • Obtain all your medical records, especially the treatments you received after the injury.
  • Determine whether or not any surveillance video captured the incident as it happened.

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