Dog Bite Lawsuit in 2024 | A Basic Guide to Claim Compensation

With all the pets in U.S. households, more than 800,000 Americans get medical treatment for dog bites every year. Those people can file dog bite lawsuit to get the compensation they deserve.
Dogs are the emotional companion of their owners. However, dog bites can cause distress and bodily harm to others. Therefore, as you get only one chance to make a claim, it’s vital to ensure you’re properly compensated for the injuries and losses you’ve suffered.
Dog Bite Lawsuit

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What to do after a dog bite?

  • After getting away from the dog, you need to identify the dog and its owner.
  • Ideally, you should call 911 to report the incident as the documentation is important to build a legitimate case.
  • The dog’s owner should exchange necessary information with you.
  • Gather all the evidence, including:

  1. Photos of the injury, dog, and more.
  2. Injury details.
  3. Witnesses.
  4. Police or animal control report.
  5. Location and time of the incident.

  • While claiming compensation for a dog bite, you should hire a skilled and experienced attorney.

Why hire a professional attorney for a dog bite lawsuit?

Dog bite injuries are a different subject matter compared to battery, assault, murder, and other types of injury cases. Therefore, it becomes crucial to hire an attorney who knows how to deal with varying types of insurances. A well-informed lawyer will present your case to the insurance company in a manner that can produce the best outcome in regard to a dog bite settlement amount. 

Here are some cases where you may need to take your claim to the court:

  • The pet owner doesn’t have insurance and refuses to pay.
  • The owner claims you provoked the dog and feels the settlement should be reduced.
  • You aren’t satisfied with the insurance company settlement offer.

How long does a dog bite case last?

  • A dog bite case isn’t handled instantly. It requires several months, generally six months, if the goal is to take the case to court. However, in highly populated areas, it can take up to two years.

  • Some factors, including recovery time and the severity of the dog bite, can influence the length of your case.

  • If the insurance company doesn’t offer you enough money, you can file a lawsuit to get the compensation you deserve.

What compensation will I receive from the dog bite lawsuit?

A dog bite settlement amount is based on the extent of the damage produced by the incident. Payouts generally are more than $10,000. The average amount is around $30,000. Moreover, if you suffer from extreme injuries, the settlement amount can skyrocket to upward of 1 million dollars.Here is a list of compensation you will receive from the dog bite lawsuit.

  • Medical bills.
  • Pain and sufferings.
  • Lost income.
  • Any property damage related to the incident, such as a damaged motorcycle or broken eyeglasses.
  • Multiple or punitive damages, if the owner of the dog was particularly uncooperative.

If you want an experienced attorney who cares about you and the outcome of your dog bite lawsuit, contact Ethen Ostroff. He and his referrals will ensure you get every dollar possible for what you went through.

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