Accidental Discharge Lawsuit in 2024 | Solving all Your Doubts

When a firearm discharges unintentionally, the accidents are called negligent discharges. Moreover, when someone else’s negligent or wrongful actions lead to serious accidental discharge injury, you can file an accidental discharge lawsuit. It will help you secure the compensation you deserve. 

Is accidental discharge a crime?

In most cases, it can be a crime. However, some novice shooters are often on the wrong end of negligent discharges for various reasons. Proper gun safety and education are important to prevent unintentional discharging accidents. 

Various agencies in the US hold manufacturers to strict safety standards for the majority of consumer products. However, the gun industry has largely been insulated by the sizable gun lobby. There are no federal regulations regarding firearm safety standards. Even the guns produced within the USA have little consumer protection oversight. 

Nevertheless, the gun manufacturers take advantage of the lack of consumer protection regarding the gun industry.

How does accidental discharge happen?

The accidental discharge of a gun occurs for a wide range of reasons. However, the most common involves people resting their finger on the trigger of a gun, rather than keeping their finger off the trigger. These triggers are extremely sensitive, leading to life-threatening discharges.

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What injuries are involved with the accidental discharge lawsuit?

  • Fatal injuries. 
  • Hand injuries. 
  • Legs and feet injuries. 
  • Scarring and disfigurement. 
  • Torso wounds. 
accidental discharge lawsuit

Are you involved in an accidental shooting?

Not everyone who picks up a firearm knows how to handle it accurately. As a result, it leads to accidental and life-threatening situations for others in the area. In some cases, the gun itself could malfunction and cause an unintentional shot. 

Therefore, if you are seriously injured in an accidental shooting, file a negligent discharge case to get compensation for damages you have suffered. 

How to prove an accidental discharge lawsuit?

All gun owners ensure nobody is injured when handling firearms.

The responsible party breached the duty of care to the injured party. For example, by failing to unload a gun, by acting recklessly, firing into the air, or any other act.

The defendant was the real cause of the plaintiff’s injuries and the foremost reasons that the accident happened.

The plaintiff suffered serious harm, such as physical and psychological as the result of the defendant’s negligence.

All these points need to be proved true to show negligence. However, if even one of these points is false, the claim will not be considered valid. Nevertheless, to avoid all the mistakes, it’s ideal to hire skilled accidental discharge lawyers in Philadelphia.

Who is sued in an accidental shooting?

There are several factors the lawyers consider to determine how to file the lawsuitThis includes:

  • When the person who fired the gun received wrong training.
  • Person was clear to use the gun by their instructor. 
  • When a person was cleared to use a different gun than the one they are proficient with.


In all these cases, the instructor or the training course’s director can be sued for the injuries.

If the gun range is not maintained properly or uses faulty equipment, it could lead to a catastrophic accident. In such cases, the owner or the manager of the range could be held liable for your injuries.

Operating any dangerous item under the influence of alcohol or drugs is truly dangerous even in the best circumstances. Consequently, it can also lead to serious injury or death. In such cases, the person who used the gun while intoxicated is liable for their actions.

A gun can accidentally discharge while transporting, cleaning, or hitting a bump in the road while driving. Whether it was caused by an impact, accidentally gripping the trigger, failing to engage the safety. In such cases, you can file an accidental discharge claim against the owner of the gun for the injuries or accidental death caused by their weapon.

When the weapon is discharged because of a manufacturing defect, you can file a claim against the company that made the gun. However, in cases where the vendor has sold the damaged equipment, he could be liable for all the damages caused by the defect. 

Damages recovered in accidental discharge lawsuit

Filing a legal claim will help you get a fair drop fire case settlement. It will help you recover various damages against a manufacturer for negligence and disregard for the safety of consumers. It includes: 

  • Loss of income from your job due to absent days, medical treatment, hospitalization. 
  • Medical costs from emergency room care, hospitalization, ambulance costs, emergency room care, and medication. 
  • Loss of future earnings due to impairment from the injuries or missed time at work. 
  • Pain and suffering, such as anxiety, emotional stress, fear, psychological trauma, and more. 

Our accidental shooting guide will help you make a strong case and get maximum compensation for your claim. 

Reasons to choose an experienced attorney

  1. When you discuss your case with skilled and experienced attorneys, they will help you prepare and plan for the next steps you need to take. 
  2. They provide injured victims with the passionate and knowledgeable legal representation they need to secure the compensation they deserve. 
  3. From start to finish, they will take care of every legal detail of your case for you. 
  4. They will strive to negotiate the fairest settlement from the responsible parties. 
  5. However, if they don’t receive a worthwhile offer, they will go to trial and take on liable gun owners, insurance carriers, property owners, and others to ensure your rights will be protected and your restitution is paid out. 

If you want a lawyer who cares about you and the outcome of your accidental discharge lawsuit, choose Ethen Ostroff. He and his professional connections ensure you get every dollar possible for what you went through.

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