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Federal authorities in the United States have prosecuted several vascular doctors and entities for conducting unnecessary medical procedures or making false claims over the last decade. Unfortunately, some have managed to resume their practice and profit from government insurance despite past misconduct, only to face similar accusations later. James McGuckin, MD, is one of these doctors. The controversy surrounding Dr. McGuckin has shaken the medical community. Dr. McGuckin, a radiologist in Radnor, PA, is accused of defrauding Medicare by performing unnecessary vascular procedures like angioplasty, atherectomy, indiscriminate intravenous ultrasound, and stent placement. These allegations of malpractice have left a trail of victims in his wake, leading to the lawsuit against James McGuckin. If you are one of these victims, Ethen Ostroff Law is ready to assist you in your pursuit of justice and fair compensation. Here, we examine the lawsuits against Dr. McGuckin, his malpractice controversy, and how we can help victims get justice and compensation. 

Who is Dr. James McGuckin?

Dr. James McGuckin, a Philadelphia radiologist, is the Medical Director of Pennsylvania Vascular Institute, LLC. With over 35 years of medical experience, he is a member of various prestigious medical organizations, including the American Board of Radiology and the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

Dr. McGuckin’s educational background includes degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Pre-Medicine from the University of Notre Dame, a Doctor of Medicine from Hahnemann University Medicine School, and a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Beyond his medical practice, he is recognized as an entrepreneur, inventor, and philanthropist, holding patents for medical innovations such as the Excavator Tool and a Vascular conduit. His primary focus remains on Critical Limb Salvage and delivering patient care. 

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Lawsuit against James McGuckin

McGuckin's Troubled Medical Malpractice History

Dr. McGuckin has been the subject of mounting medical malpractice allegations and investigations. He has been investigated at every level of government and sued by patients and their families. He has also been disciplined by medical boards in more than a dozen states, lost privileges in multiple hospitals, and settled federal allegations of fraud, admitting that his company had performed procedures without any documented need.

Here are some of the most notable lawsuits:

  • In 2015: Dr. McGuckin faced sanctions from Washington’s state medical board and multiple other states, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey, for improperly performing angioplasty and stenting procedures on hundreds of patients, claiming to treat multiple sclerosis—a nonvascular disease.
  • In 2018: Dr. McGuckin settled a $3.8 million False Claims Act case in New York and Louisiana, where he was accused of performing over 200 unnecessary procedures at Vascular Access Centers, a chain of clinics he controlled. He faced fines, ordered refunds to patients, and was prohibited from further treatments.
  • In 2020: a whistleblower complaint was filed by David Stebbins, a former director of James McGuckin Vascular Access Centers, alleging Dr. McGuckin’s profit-driven approach led to unnecessary procedures. The case is ongoing.
  • In May 2023: the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against James McGuckin and his affiliated practices, accusing them of billing Medicare and other programs for medically unnecessary peripheral artery procedures, including angioplasty, atherectomy, and stent placements, between 2016 and 2019. The case is under the False Claims Act. Dr. McGuckin and his entities were reimbursed at least $6.5 million for over 500 James McGuckin claims. 


Other defendants named in the suit are:

  • Lehigh Valley Vascular Institute LLC, of Bethlehem 
  • Main Line Vascular Institute LLC, of King of Prussia 
  • PA Vascular Institute LLC, of East Stroudsburg 
  • Pennsylvania Vascular Institute, P.C. 
  • Peripheral Vascular Institute of Philadelphia, LLC 
  • Philadelphia Vascular Institute, LLC 

Victims' Voices: The Tragic Consequences of Dr. McGuckin's Procedures

These stories would serve as powerful reminders of the devastating impact Dr. McGuckin’s procedures had on the lives of these individuals, highlighting the urgent need for justice and accountability:

  • Elaine Micelli. In July 2021, Micelli’s life took a tragic turn after an invasive vascular treatment at Dr. McGuckin’s clinic, Lehigh Valley Vascular Institute in Bethlehem, PA. Just five days later, complications arose, causing strokes that left her paralyzed and unable to walk, speak fluently, or recall key moments from her past. Now residing in a nursing home, Micelli requires constant care. Despite her daughter’s formal complaint against McGuckin three years ago, they are still awaiting a response, leaving the family in despair.
  • Maria Rohena. Rohena, a grandmother from the Allentown area, experienced a horrifying ordeal after a procedure at McGuckin’s clinic in July 2021. She suffered a heart attack days later due to extensive blood loss from a nicked artery. Despite treatment, her leg could not be saved, resulting in an amputation. Rohena initiated a lawsuit against James McGuckin, raising concerns about the quality of care after undergoing four treatments in just two months.
  • Earl Toler. Toler of Long Pond, PA, underwent ten vascular procedures under McGuckin’s care, which worsened his condition. Eventually, doctors had to amputate his leg above the knee. During a malpractice lawsuit, experts testified to significant deviations from accepted standards of care. Despite this, the jury cleared McGuckin and his doctors. However, Toler still holds them accountable for the irreversible damage to his health and quality of life.
  • Theresa Leipzig. Leipzig from Burlington, NC, underwent a risky procedure in 2012 for her multiple sclerosis. The treatment involved placing a stent in a kidney vein, but it moved to her heart afterward. Leipzig sued Dr. McGuckin in 2015, and the case was settled confidentially two years later. 

Entities Affiliated with Dr. McGuckin

Dr. McGuckin’s affiliations include several practices and entities, many of which have faced legal scrutiny:

  • Lehigh Valley Vascular Institute LLC. Located in Hanover Township, PA, this entity owned by Dr. McGuckin specializes in various aspects of vascular medicine.
  • Main Line Vascular Institute. Another separate venture owned by Dr. McGuckin, the Main Line Vascular Institute in King of Prussia, PA specializes in various aspects of vascular medicine.
  • PA Vascular Institute. Founded by Dr. McGuckin in 2012, the PA Vascular Institute is dedicated to limb salvage, preserving dialysis access, and providing advanced peripheral arterial interventions.
  • Pennsylvania Vascular Institute, LLC. Dr. McGuckin serves as the Medical Director, specializing in vascular and interventional radiology. The institute focuses on limb salvage, preserving dialysis access, and advanced peripheral arterial interventions.
  • Pennsylvania Vascular Institute, P.C. This entity was named in the Department of Justice lawsuit filed in May 2023, which alleged unnecessary peripheral artery procedures.
  • Peripheral Vascular Institute of Philadelphia, LLC. Founded by Dr. McGuckin in 2009, this institution laid the groundwork for the establishment of PA Vascular Institute, LLC, in 2012.
  • Rex Medical. Established in 1999, Rex Medical specializes in creating minimally invasive medical devices for vascular disease treatment. Dr. McGuckin leads as Director of Research and Development.
  • Temple University Podiatric School of Medicine. Dr. McGuckin has been an Adjunct Faculty member of the school for over five years.
  • Vascular Access Centers, L.P. Dr. McGuckin’s involvement with this chain led to allegations of misconduct in 2018, with claims that he negotiated settlements to secure personal release, allowing him to continue treating patients across Pennsylvania without oversight. 

Legal Claims Against Dr. McGuckin

Dr. James McGuckin, MD, is currently entangled in a series of grave legal accusations concerning his vascular procedures:

  • False claims: Dr. James McGuckin is accused of submitting over 500 false claims to Medicare between 2016 and 2019. 
  • Improper Medicare payments: Dr. McGuckin allegedly amassed $6.5 million in improper Medicare payments by conducting unnecessary vascular procedures. 
  • Medical malpractice lawsuits: Numerous patients and families have sued Dr. McGuckin for medical malpractice. He has also faced disciplinary actions from medical boards in multiple states. 
  • Unnecessary procedures: Dr. McGuckin and his associates allegedly performed needless peripheral artery procedures.

Despite these allegations and lawsuits, Dr. McGuckin is still practicing and seeing patients. 

James McGuckin md

Vascular Procedures Performed by Dr. McGuckin

Dr. McGuckin has been accused of performing numerous vascular procedures that resulted in medical malpractice allegations. The specific medical procedures he has performed on his patients related to these allegations include:

  • Angioplasty 
  • Atherectomy 
  • Placement of stents 
  • Indiscriminate use of intravenous ultrasound

Due to Dr. McGuckin’s alleged malpractice, patients have reported enduring:

  • Disability 
  • Emotional trauma 
  • Financial strain 
  • Pain 
  • Prolonged medical treatments 

Which Main Line doctor has been sanctioned in 16 states?

Dr. James McGuckin is the Main Line Vascular Institute LLC doctor who has been disciplined by medical boards in 16 states for performing unnecessary and unproven vascular procedures. He has also settled federal allegations of fraud, admitting that his company had performed procedures without any documented need. A pending Department of Justice lawsuit accuses him of obtaining $6.5 million in improper government reimbursements for unnecessary procedures.

File a Lawsuit Against James McGuckin

Filing a lawsuit for medical malpractice requires strategic steps and expert guidance. Here is how Ethen Ostroff Law can assist you:

  • Gather evidence: Collect all relevant medical records, bills, and documents related to the malpractice. These documents will serve as crucial evidence in your case.
  • Consultation with Ethen Ostroff Law: Schedule a free consultation with our medical malpractice attorneys. During this meeting, we will assess the viability of your case and provide expert legal advice tailored to your situation.
  • File the lawsuit: If we determine that you have a compelling case, we will file a lawsuit against James McGuckin on your behalf, outlining the damages you have suffered due to his malpractice.
  • Negotiation and trial: We will negotiate with the defense and represent you in court, if necessary, to secure a fair settlement.

Possible Compensation and Who Qualifies to Sue

Victims of Dr. McGuckin’s malpractice may be eligible for various forms of compensation, including:

  • Medical expenses 
  • Lost wages 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Punitive damages

The following parties may be qualified to sue Dr. McGuckin:

  • Insurance companies and Medicare for submitting false claims and improper payments 
  • Medical boards and regulatory agencies for medical malpractice allegations 
  • Patients who have suffered harm or injury due to Dr. McGuckin’s medical negligence 
  • The United States government for billing Medicare and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program for unnecessary procedures

Choose Ethen Ostroff Law

If you or a loved one has been a victim of Dr. McGuckin’s malpractice, do not suffer in silence. Ethen Ostroff Law is committed to helping you seek justice and obtain the compensation you deserve. Our medical malpractice attorneys will guide you through every step of the legal process, providing unwavering support.

At Ethen Ostroff Law, we:

  • Conduct detailed investigations, analyze records, and gather evidence to build a robust case. 
  • Provide empathetic guidance, understanding the emotional challenges you face. 
  • Handle all legal procedures, ensuring deadlines are met and requirements are fulfilled. 
  • Negotiate aggressively with insurers and, if necessary, represent you in court to secure maximum compensation. 
  • Keep you informed, address your concerns, and involve you in decisions. 
  • Work on a contingency basis, ensuring affordability and no upfront costs for our services. 
  • Connect you with relevant resources, ensuring comprehensive support during your recovery. 


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