Building Collapse Lawsuit In 2024: Expert Guidance to Get Claim

People who are injured or killed due to the negligence of others can pursue monetary compensation through a building collapse lawsuit. To recover maximum compensation you need to prove that your injuries or your loved one’s death are due to the negligence of another person. 

However, building collapses are complicated cases as it involves various responsible parties. In addition, if you fail to identify one or more responsible parties, you cannot recover maximum compensation.

Several families have filed lawsuits against the condo association’s board, arguing that the association knew about the structural issues but failed to repair them. As a result, it leads to injuries, property losses, and wrongful death.

Things to do after the building collapses

  • Notify the disaster team of your location by calling 911 on your cell phone.
  • Pay attention to all the possible disconnected electricity wires.
  • Stay as quiet as possible and tap any pipe or tube when you are trapped under a heap of rubber. 
  • Nevertheless, scream only if you have no other alternative, to save oxygen.

Parties liable in a building collapse

You can take building collapse lawsuit against:

  1. Architects.
  2. Builders.
  3. Condo boards.
  4. Contractors.
  5. Engineers.
  6. Inspectors.
  7. Subcontractors.
  8. Others parties that are responsible for maintenance and repairs.

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Damages recoverable in a building collapse lawsuit

  1. Funeral and burial expenses in wrongful death claims.
  2. Loss of consortium or guidance.
  3. Loss of victim’s income.
  4. Past and future expected medical expenses.
  5. Past and future lost wages.
  6. Physical pain and suffering.
  7. Property losses.

Common causes of building collapse

  1. Bad foundation.
  2. Equipment problems.
  3. Explosions.
  4. Faulty materials.
  5. Fires.
  6. Poor design.
  7. Structural issues. 
  8. Wrong materials.
building collapse lawsuit

Why hire experienced building collapse injury lawyers?

  • An experienced personal injury lawyer understands how to investigate these types of complex cases to identify all the potentially liable parties.
  • Taking assistance from a collapse injury lawyer as soon as after a catastrophic incident will increase your chances to recover full compensation for all your losses.
  • When you hire a lawyer instantly when the incident happens, it will allow your lawyer to have more time to investigate the case and preserve evidence that could otherwise be lost as time passes.
  • A lawyer will handle all your communication with the insurance companies and relevant parties on your behalf. In addition, he will also handle all aspects of filing your claim so that you can focus on your family and the recovery.
  • Skilled and experienced lawyers know the tactics insurance companies sometimes use to undervalue claims. Moreover, without their legal experience on your side, there are higher chances that you may obtain significantly less money for your injuries than what you may be entitled to.

If you want a lawyer who cares about you and the outcome of your building collapse lawsuit, choose Ethen Ostroff. He and his professional connections ensure you get every dollar possible for what you went through.

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