Amputation Injury Lawsuit in 2024 - Claim Updates

According to a recent survey, around 2 million Americans live with a loss of limb or body part. The amputation injuries can drastically change your life. In addition, it can affect your emotional, mental, and financial health. Filing an amputation injury lawsuit will help you get compensation for the lost wages, medical costs, overall pain and suffering, and more. Knowledgeable, qualified, and experienced amputation injury lawyers will assess your case and help you get maximum compensation for your claim. 
Amputation Injury Lawsuit

Understanding amputation injuries in detail

An amputation is when a limb is removed from a body because of external trauma or internal medical emergency, such as bacterial infection. It can be as small as part of a finger digit or as large as a leg.

Amputation injuries are life-changing and permanent. Therefore, it’s important to look for qualified attorneys who are well versed in this field of law. 

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Here is a list of amputation damages

  • Nerve damage. 
  • Severe scarring. 
  • Burns.
  • Other grievous wounds. 

Here are some common causes of amputation

Vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the USA. If you or your loved one is also a victim of a road accident at the fault of another party, filing an amputation injury claim is your best decision. 

While slip and fall accidents are often experienced by the elderly, falling from heights or slipping can damage toes, fingers, or limbs. As a result, they lead to broken or fractured bones.

Almost every top medical practitioner meets the mandatory healthcare standards. However, those who don’t can cause severe harm to their patients due to a lack of knowledge, experience, or carelessness during complex operations.

Dealing with such doctors can result in various drastic situations, such as infections, an incorrect diagnosis, and damage to other parts of the body. Consequently, it leads to amputation, deformities, or scars.

Workers in factories or construction sites are exposed to the dangers of dealing with heavy loads and machinery on a regular basis. Nevertheless, they are susceptible to having their limbs getting crushed, severed, or injured beyond repair, resulting in an amputation.

Dog bites can cause scars due to the force exerted by the jaws of a canine. Furthermore, if the dog is not treated well, the victim may get a higher chance of rabies or infections. As a result, it can lead to amputation as a countermeasure.

Burns through fire or exposure to strong chemicals and acids leads to amputation injuries and severe scarring to the victim, depending on the degree of the burn. Filing an amputation claim will help you get fair amputation compensation that satisfies your unique needs accurately.

Common accidents that lead to amputation injuries

Medical costs and treatments for amputation injuries

After suffering from traumatic amputation injury, the patient is likely to:

  • Be hospitalized. 
  • Attend inpatient rehabilitation.
  • Attend outpatient doctor visits. 
  • Receive acute care for a limb injury. 
  • Purchase a prosthetic device. 
  • Receive psychological support, social support, or therapy.
  • Treating amputation injuries is a lengthy process. Nevertheless, the victim of amputation could spend over $500,000 in medical care throughout their life.

Compensation for amputation injuries

If your injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence, you will be awarded for the damage to help cover the cost of medical care. A personal injury lawsuit will help you get financial compensation to the amputation accident victims for all the expenses that have occurred. Furthermore, the top amputation injury lawyers in Philadelphia will improve your settlement claim by including:

  • Medical reports.
  • Pain and suffering damages.
  • Receipts.
  • Rehabilitation expenses. 
  • Evidence from the scene. 

  • Nevertheless, we will also help you secure all the lost wages during your absence at work and any additional expenses charged towards your recovery. 

    Liability for amputation injuries

    Workplace accidents in factories and manufacturing firms give rise to amputation injuries. In most states, workers’ compensation is the only method against an employer if you’re suffering from a loss of limb at work. 

    If an unintentional amputation is caused by someone else’s negligence outside the workplace, that person can be sued for compensatory damages. For example, a truck accident can lead to the loss of a limb and so as a defectively designed product. In a products liability case, the defendant can also be sued under theories of strict liability and negligence.

    Time Limits for amputation lawsuits

    Every state has a time limit to sue for amputation injury. There are various deadlines to file an amputation injury lawsuit according to the type of lawsuit you need to file. 

    Generally, these statutes are called statutes of limitations. People who are dealing with amputation injuries in an accident have 3 years to file a personal injury lawsuit.

    The period starts on the date of the accident that caused the amputation. Therefore, if you have suffered a traumatic injury that results in amputation and you fail to file a personal injury lawsuit within 3 years. You may become permanently barred from filing this lawsuit. 

    In other words, if you do not file in time, the courts will bar your right to file. As a result, you will lose your right to seek compensation for your amputation injury.

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    3. We will help you recover compensation for medical expenses, hospital bills, physical therapy, prosthetic limbs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.
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