Fuel Truck Accident Lawsuit In 2024 - Steps to Win Your Case

In a fuel truck accident, the highly flammable fuel that the tanker is transporting could result in a fire explosion, putting others at an even higher risk of catastrophic injuries. If you or your loved one incurred injuries due to a fuel truck accident, filing a fuel truck accident lawsuit In 2024 is the best way to get a fair settlement of your case.

fuel truck accident lawsuit

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7 common causes of fuel truck accident

Here are some of the most common causes of accidents involving fuel trucks.

A truck driver who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs has impaired judgment and reacts more slowly to changes in traffic conditions.

Driving fatigue is a common problem for commercial truck drivers. Tanker truck drivers may become dangerously fatigued if they disregard the hours-of-service limits on driving and spend too many hours driving without adequate rest breaks. A fatigued driver may fail to react to a traffic stoppage, nod off at the wheel, and cause a catastrophic accident.

The more quickly a truck moves, the more distance the truck will need to slow down and stop. If a fuel tanker driver must make an emergency maneuver, the driver may not have time to stop safely or lose control of the vehicle if it’s traveling at a speed that is unsafe for the existing traffic conditions.

Fuel truck drivers may cause an accident by colliding with a vehicle in a blind spot.

Truck drivers may be distracted by a cell phone, radio, or GPS device, and such distraction could cause a collision.

Fuel tankers and tanker trucks are handled differently than other 18-wheelers. As such, commercial drivers are required to have additional training to operate a tanker truck.

An unsafe or improperly loaded tanker truck makes it harder for the driver to control the vehicle, particularly in emergencies.

In all the above cases, you must deal with a trustworthy lawyer that can help you get a fair settlement for your fuel truck accident faster and with less hassle.

Common injuries caused by fuel truck accident

Records show that more than 5,000 people die yearly in fuel truck accidents. Here is a list of the top 5 most common types of truck accident injuries.

Broken or crushed bones and fractures are common truck accident injuries due to the force of such a crash. In some cases, the muscles and nerves surrounding the broken bone can be damaged as well.

Ruptured fuel lines can lead to a fire following a truck accident. These are the most common causes that lead to injuries, especially burns. These fuel truck accident injuries can be very difficult and costly to treat, as they can result in scarring, nerve damage, limb loss, and other physical injuries.

Head injuries can range from mild concussions to traumatic brain injuries. The impact might give the car occupants whiplash, as well as acute back and neck injuries such as spinal fractures, dislocations, and torn or ruptured discs. Victims can then suffer from debilitating pain and high medical expenses from these injuries.

The blunt force trauma from a seat belt or airbag can lead to internal bleeding. For instance, your aortas and spleens can rupture, organs and ribs can be damaged, and blood vessels can become too damaged to clot or repair themselves. Internal bleeding can also lead to cardiac arrest and even death.

Spinal cord injuries might not be apparent right after the accident, which is why it’s important to be immediately checked by a doctor. Most spinal cord injuries happen in the neck and the lower back. They can include herniated discs, crushed vertebrae, and a fractured spine that could result in paralysis.

Who is liable in a fuel truck accident lawsuit?

The following parties are the usual defendants in fuel tanker accident lawsuits.

  • The truck driver.
  • The truck’s owner, if the truck or trailer isn’t owned by the trucking company.
  • The trucking company.
  • The company responsible for maintaining the truck or tanker trailer.
  • The company that loaded the tanker.
  • The manufacturer of the truck or tanker trailer or a part in either that is later found to be defective.

Contacting the top lawyers will help you maximize your chances of winning. Experienced lawyers would also be aware of all the fuel truck accident 2022 updates that can help you win your case in less time.

How to file a fuel truck accident lawsuit

If you or a loved one suffered injuries and damages following a truck accident, you should file a lawsuit against the liable parties. Here are the steps you should take:

If you figured in an accident, you must report the injury in writing as soon as possible. Some leads or supervisors will try to delay or discourage you from filling out an accident report form to limit the number of fuel truck accident lawsuit claims filed against the company. However, you should insist on making an accident report immediately. Remind your supervisor that company policy requires you to fill out an accident report form following an injury.

Fill out an accident/incident report even if you believe the injury will resolve quickly. Some injuries you initially believe will resolve quickly can turn into larger issues that may lead to surgery. You are not a doctor, and you don’t know if your injury will become more severe. If you fail to fill out an accident/incident report promptly, the company may try to deny your fuel truck accident lawsuit because you did not report it.

You must get medical treatment for your injuries. If you sustain an injury on the truck or become ill, you are entitled to get compensation for your medical treatment for your injuries. Some supervisors may try to discourage you from obtaining prompt medical treatment. Remind them that you have a right to medical treatment. You should also warn them that the company would be responsible if your condition worsens because you were not provided with timely medical treatment.

Identify the people who have seen the accident and get their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. These could be people that worked in your area that witnessed your injury or the work circumstances surrounding your injury. 

Nonetheless, even if they did not witness the actual event, some witnesses may be essential to establish the underlying facts. It would be wise to collect this information before you leave the place of your accident because it may be challenging to locate these people later.

Photographs of the area where you were injured or the equipment involved in your injury may be critical to your case in the future. Therefore, you should take pictures of any important physical evidence or equipment involved in your injury.

If you file a claim against the negligent party’s insurance company, expect the insurance company to try to question your claim or reduce your compensation. However, with the legal assistance of the top lawyers, you could strengthen your fuel truck accident claim for fair and full compensation. Skilled and qualified fuel truck accident attorneys have years of experience handling such cases. They will do their best, so you will get the maximum settlement for your lawsuit.

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