Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit in 2024

It’s quite challenging to put your loved one in the care of others. In most cases, people prefer nursing homes when extended family isn’t able to provide the level of care necessary. When that care falls short of reasonable expectations, people should be held accountable. Consequently, a nursing home abuse lawsuit is a legal dispute between the victim and a care facility, which is done in either a criminal or civil court of law, to address mistreatment.

What is a nursing home abuse lawsuit?

The civil nursing home abuse lawsuit helps older Americans get justice if they are harmed in an assisted living facility. In this lawsuit, the victims of the nursing home negligence and abuse seek compensation from their facility and the responsible staff. 

Most nursing home abuse lawsuits provide victims money through settlements. They often require the nursing home to pay the victim a lump sum of money for their injuries. 

Different parties can be sued, including:

  1. The individuals who cause suffering or injuries due to abuse or neglect.
  2. The companies that own the nursing home or long-term care facility.
  3. The supervisors who were aware of the abuse or neglect or who were involved in hiring or supervising the offenders.

Did you know? 

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, around 95% of these types of lawsuits end in a financial settlement. Moreover, civil lawsuits don’t necessarily have to involve the crime or act of negligence.

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Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

List of compensation you will get from this lawsuit

  1. All the costs associated with changing nursing homes or caregivers. 
  2. Medical bills.
  3. Medical equipment.
  4. Hospital expenses.
  5. Mental health counseling. 
  6. Physical therapy. 
  7. Pain and suffering. 
  8. Attorney’s fees and the cost of filing suit. 
  9. Other expenses. 

The process of a nursing home abuse lawsuit

Generally, a nursing home lawsuit can take around 18 months or more from the time the lawsuit is filed. The lawsuit must prove three elements.

  1. The victim is 65 or older or a dependent adult under the law.
  2. The defendant abused or neglected the victim. 
  3. As a result of the abuse, the victim has suffered various damages. 


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