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If your child gets injured at a daycare, your first priority is to get immediate medical attention. Once your child has received medical care, it’s time for a parent to step up and file a daycare lawsuit in 2024. It would be best to ask your doctor to provide a proper record of the medical treatment, as this could be needed later.

As more and more children are being put into daycare, the idea of having one parent or guardian at home to take care of the kids is becoming a thing of the past. Parents are blindly trusting these daycares to take care of their children. Unfortunately, there are life-threatening stories of daycares neglecting children to the point that they get injured or even die. 

Many parents facing situations where their child has been injured or has died are unsure of what to do and whom to turn to. If you are not satisfied or feel that there is more to know regarding the daycare injuries of your child, you should discuss your case with a qualified daycare injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Facts about daycare injuries in the United States

Did you know that:

  • Half of U.S. families reported difficulty choosing the right child care.
  • Mothers who were unable to find a child care program were less likely to be employed than those who found a child care program. In contrast, there was no impact on fathers’ employment.
  • The right lawyer would help you provide the latest updates on daycare injury cases to help you win your claim.

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What is a daycare negligence lawsuit?

lawsuit against a daycare facility serves two purposes:

  • To ensure that type of conduct from a teacher or staff of the daycare facility never happens again, protecting any children from getting injured in the same manner.
  • To prevent the daycare staff from making the same mistake twice. 

The daycare must have done something wrong or said differently. In addition, the daycare must have violated a daycare safety rule. Had that safety rule been followed, it would have more likely than not prevented what happened to your child.

Moreover, the injury must have been prevented if the employees had paid better attention or followed the safety rules to pursue a daycare lawsuit. For this, you will need to prove that the daycare neglected its obligations as an employee or violated a safety rule, causing an injury to your child. 

Daycare Lawsuit

Examples of child care issues

There are several injuries that children can suffer from when they are placed in daycare. These types of injuries, if properly recorded, will help you with your daycare accident claim. Here are a few examples of common child care issues.

  • Bumps and bruises are prevalent among younger children. Often, they are not a cause for concern when you factor in rough play with other kids, playing outdoors, and the like.
  • However, if bumps and bruises are seen on infants, it could mean that some form of negligence or abuse is taking place.
  • Broken bones are a sign that there is a major issue. Call for emergency medical help immediately as these can be very painful for the child.
  • Diaper rash showcases that workers are not changing diapers when they should be and are allowing this to become a health concern.
  • Lacerations on the child require medical treatment and an investigation.
  • Malnourishment is an alarming issue.

Furthermore, various causes can lead to daycare injuries. Parents will notice right away in most cases if their child is not being taken care of as well as they should be. When this is the case, you should hire a skilled and experienced attorney to get a fair daycare lawsuit settlement for your case. 

Neglect is often to blame

When you look at the numerous daycare injury claims across the country, you will find that neglect is often the reason. These daycares may be understaffed with too many children to care for that they end up simply neglecting several children.

It could also be because the daycare is only in this market for the money rather than the health and welfare of the children. Whatever the reason, when you sue a daycare for an injury or death, you need to prove that the daycare was negligent and that that negligence led to the injury or death of the toddler.

Things to consider before filing a Daycare Lawsuit

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before filing a daycare discrimination lawsuit:

  • How did the injury or death occur? If this is due to the inadequate attention given to your child, then there is negligence on the part of the daycare workers.
  • Could this injury or death have been foreseeable? Was there something that could have been done to make this daycare accident avoidable? For example, daycare facilities can and should avoid unsanitary conditions and unsafe playground equipment that is unsafe.

The above issues can point you to whether negligence could have been to blame for an injury or death of a child at a daycare.

Rights of a parent or guardian dealing with a daycare injury

If your child was injured while at daycare and it could have been prevented with proper care, you have the right to seek compensation for what was taken from your child (in the form of their injury and quality of life) and from your family (medical bills and lost wages of the parents) by filing a daycare lawsuit. If your child’s injury is serious, it may require proper medical treatment in the future and a huge time commitment from family members to care for the child.

Additionally, if you decide to take your kid out of the daycare and move them to another daycare, you will incur additional expenses. You want to get reimbursed for those because you would not have to move your children if the daycare kept its promise to keep your child safe.

Furthermore, daycare facilities must have insurance. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a reliable daycare by checking all the things, such as license, insurance, professionalism, experience, and reviews from their previous and current clients.

Steps to take to file a daycare lawsuit

In summary, here are 5 steps to prepare for filing a daycare lawsuit.

  1. The first step you want to take in your daycare injury lawsuit is to seek medical attention.
  2. Next, you need to ask the daycare facility for an incident report.
  3. Investigate the daycare facility, take pictures, and get as much information as possible from reviews and other members of that facility. 
  4. If the daycare facility has not already done so, you need to make a report of the injury to the Department of Human Services’ Child Welfare Services (or the equivalent in your state if you’re not in PA) so that the State can conduct its investigation.
  5. Get professional assistance from the top lawyers to get a fair daycare abuse settlement with a hassle-free procedure. 

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