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Among the most typical personal injury categories brought on by accidents or negligence are orthopedic injuries. Physical agony, emotional sorrow, and financial difficulty are just a few effects these injuries may have on the victims’ lives. Ethen Ostroff Law, a personal injury law practice, is committed to giving client the best legal counsel for his or her orthopedic lawsuit. We are familiar with the nuances of orthopedic claims, including the 3b Orthopedics lawsuit. To keep our clients always informed during the legal procedure, we stay updated on the most recent developments in orthopedic disputes.

Orthopedic Injury in the US

Orthopedic injuries made up a sizable share of the over 39.5 million injuries for which medical attention was sought in 2019, according to the National Safety Council. Falls and car accidents, particularly those involving 3b Orthopedics, are the main reasons for non-fatal injuries across all age groups. More than 800,000 hospitalizations and almost 8 million ER visits in 2018 were solely related to falls. As indicated by the over 2.7 million orthopedic injuries that came from the over 6 million accidents that the police in the United States reported in 2019 and potential cases of orthopedic surgical errors, motor vehicle accidents are a prominent source of orthopedic injuries.

Orthopedic injuries are another common occupational hazard, along with slips and trips and crashes with cars. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 39% of non-fatal workplace illnesses and injuries that result in missed workdays are musculoskeletal conditions. Claims for orthopedic settlements may result from these occupational injuries. The real effect of orthopedic injuries in the United States, however, may be underestimated by these data since many people may choose not to seek medical attention or disclose their injuries, which would have an influence on the orthopedic claim procedure. 

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Orthopedic Injuries: Negligence and Medical Malpractice

Although some orthopedic injuries are unavoidable, many are caused by other people’s negligence. Motorists who speed, drive while intoxicated, or disregard traffic regulations are some of the factors that contribute to orthopedic injury accidents like those involving 3b Orthopedics. Orthopedic injuries occurring at work may also be the result of negligent employer maintenance of a safe working environment. Slip-and-fall occurrences, particularly those involving negligent orthopedic surgery, are the fault of property owners who fail to maintain a safe environment. Additionally, orthopedic injuries are frequently brought on by medical malpractice. Orthopedic lawsuits may stem from negligent medical personnel performing surgical blunders, diagnosing injuries incorrectly, or prescribing poor therapies that worsen the situation.

Orthopedic Lawsuit

Orthopedic Injury Impact on Victims

Orthopedic injury may influence a person’s quality of life and financial stability in addition to their physical condition. It can leave victims with crippling financial burdens in addition to causing them to experience excruciating physical pain and intense emotional agony. Stress on families can quickly build up because of mounting medical debt, lost earnings, and rounds of treatment. It is crucial that persons interested in orthopedic issues, such as the 3B orthopedic lawsuit, have suitable legal representation from a qualified attorney. injury experience in orthopedics.

Orthopedic Claim for Your Injuries

You may be eligible to compensation if another person’s carelessness or negligence caused your orthopedic injury. You might be eligible to get payment for the harm your injuries caused by bringing an orthopedic injury claim. To be eligible for compensation, you must be able to prove that the negligent or reckless party was to blame.

Work with a competent orthopedic injury lawyer if you have suffered orthopedic injuries because of medical malpractice or an accident, as they can help you obtain the most settlement possible for your losses. An attorney may defend you in court, help you negotiate with insurance companies, and gather evidence to support your claim.

Examples of ways in which orthopedic surgery malpractice can occur, include:

  • A delayed, erroneous, or missing diagnosis 
  • Erroneous interpretation of MRIs, CT images, or x-rays 
  • Failure to notice postoperative issues 
  •  Improper fracture therapy 
  • Incorrect placement of a shattered bone 
  •  Instruments used during surgery are left within the patient 
  • Operating on the incorrect body part 


The most common claims in orthopedic lawsuits are:

  • Surgical errors, such as mistakes made during orthopedic procedures 
  • Misdiagnoses or delayed diagnoses, such as incorrect or late identification of orthopedic injuries or conditions 
  •  Failure to obtain informed consent, such as lack of proper patient consent for treatment 
  • Product liability, such as responsibility for defective orthopedic devices or equipment 
  • Anesthesia errors, such as mistakes during the administration of anesthesia 
  • Negligent post-operative care, such as inadequate care following surgery 
  • Slip and fall accidents, such as injuries from hazardous conditions or negligence on someone else’s property 


Among the potential orthopedic litigation damages are:

  • The cost of any other medical care associated with your injury, including physical therapy, doctor visits, and hospital stays 
  • If your accident required you to miss work, you could be eligible for reimbursement for your missed wages 
  • Compensation for the injury-related physical and mental hardship you have endured 
  • If your injuries result in permanent disability or disfigurement, you may be entitled to compensation 

What are the notable orthopedic injury lawsuits and settlements in the US?

Orthopedic injury lawsuits are still a growing field of legal practice because they frequently involve allegations of negligence, product liability, and medical malpractice. Recent high-profile litigation and settlements have centered on orthopedic injuries and medical equipment.

A notable case involved the 2010 recall of the DePuy ASR hip implant due to a high failure rate and complications. Numerous implant recipients have filed lawsuits against the maker, Johnson & Johnson, claiming that the business knew about the flaws yet neglected to alert clients and medical professionals. Johnson & Johnson resolved the lawsuits for more than $1 billion in 2016, underscoring the significance of litigation involving orthopedic surgery negligence.

Due to high failure rates and complications, the Zimmer NexGen knee implant was also subject to recalls and lawsuits. In 2015, Zimmer agreed to pay $314 million to resolve related lawsuits, highlighting the significance of orthopedic lawsuits involving faulty medical devices.

There have been several orthopedic injury cases involving accidents and sports, in addition to legal disputes involving medical devices. For instance, a lady who sustained various orthopedic injuries and a traumatic brain injury in a truck driver-related automobile accident in 2019 was given $56 million by a jury. The award included compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress, illustrating the potential outcomes of Orthopedic lawsuit.

In a case brought by former NFL players who had orthopedic injuries while playing on artificial turf, a settlement was reached in 2021. The $790 million orthopedic settlement includes money for athletes with joint injuries, arthritis, and other orthopedic issues, demonstrating the importance of orthopedic litigation in sports-related injuries.

Ethen Ostroff Law: Your Best Legal Representation

Working with a seasoned orthopedic injury lawyer proficient with the nuances of such cases is essential if you have sustained an orthopedic injury and are thinking about lodging an orthopedic injury claim. Ethen Ostroff Law and its partner firms have a lot of expertise defending people who have suffered orthopedic injuries due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence. We are considerate of the potential impact orthopedic injuries may victims, their families, and society.

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