Getting A Fair Funeral Home Lawsuit Settlement: Funeral Home Lawsuit in 2024

Have you experienced funeral home abuse and negligence? Don’t wait to file a funeral home lawsuit to recover your damages. 

The death of a loved one is one of the most emotionally painful experiences anyone endures during their lifetime. During this time of grief, most people look for a supportive funeral home to handle the remains of their loved ones and take care of the burial arrangement. In addition to these tasks, we expect respect, honesty, and good faith from the funeral home.

However, in some cases, our expectations are not met. Sometimes, the funeral homes mishandle corpses or fail to provide the respect that the deceased’s corpse and mourning family deserves. If you also think you have a
lawsuit against a funeral home, you should consult a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to protect your legal rights.

Funeral Home Lawsuit

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Different types of funeral home lawsuits

  • Corruption, greed, and deception.
  • Incompetence/honest mistake.
  • Sexual perversion.

Common examples of funeral home abuse

There are various cases where funeral home workers deal directly with embalming, cremating, preparing the body, and burying the body – all of which require an appropriate license. If a funeral home permits someone without a proper license to perform any work that generally requires a license, you can file a funeral home lawsuit against them.

Whenever funeral home staff fail to uphold their obligation to treat a deceased person with proper care, dignity, and respect, you are allowed to file a funeral home negligence case. It may include unintentional, careless actions and intentional acts. Here are some ways funeral home employees mishandle a body:

  •  Improper temperature control and regulation.
  •  Improper storage.
  • Inadequate embalming. 
  • Dropping or otherwise damaging the body.
  • Losing or misplacing remains.
  • Unauthorized cremation, or failure to cremate.

In most cases against funeral homes, a funeral home worker intentionally abuses the remains entrusted in their care. It consists of:

  • Intentional distortion or disfigurement.
  • Sexual abuse.
  • Physical abuse.

Sometimes, the staff of the funeral home removes personal property, organs, or other tissues from the deceased and uses them for personal gain. These types of activities are illegal and often support a funeral home lawsuit. This could also consist of clothing, jewelry, currency, and other items.

This is when the funeral home does not accurately perform its job of embalming the remains, cremation, funeral, or burial services.

Some negligence in a funeral home also happens after the funeral. It includes: 

  • A moved or altered gravesite without notice.
  • Burying the wrong corpse in a grave.
  • Failure to provide the grave marker following the burial.
  • Putting more than one body in a coffin or grave.
  • Vandalism of the gravesite.
Dealing with such negligence leads to psychological trauma. The viewing period is a deeply emotional and therapeutic element of the grieving process. Most of these damages will be accessed by a qualified expert or psychologist to fully understand the extent of your injuries. Most of the potential damages include:

  • Emotional distress.
  • Funeral expenses.
  • Loss of enjoyment in life.
  • Other damages.

The lawyers you hire to sue funeral homes will also help you gather maximum evidence to make your case stronger.

How to prove the negligence of funeral home

Proving liability in funeral home abuse or neglect cases generally involves four distinct elements. It includes:

Funeral homes owe their clients a duty of care to treat the deceased respectfully, fairly, and professionally. However, failing to fulfill any of these responsibilities often means their duty of care was breached.

The liable party failed to meet the standard of legal care when preparing, handling, or displaying the deceased. 

  •  Improper temperature control and regulation.
  •  Improper storage.
  • Inadequate embalming. 
  • Dropping or otherwise damaging the body.
  • Losing or misplacing remains.
  • Unauthorized cremation, or failure to cremate.

 If the funeral home is accountable for any abuse or error, you can easily file a funeral home claim against them to provide you the compensation.

  • Intentional distortion or disfigurement.
  • Sexual abuse.
  • Physical abuse.

The actions of the funeral home lead to injuries to you or your family. However, it doesn’t matter whether you and your family endured emotional/financial hardship or not, these funeral home negligence cases must be compensated through a funeral home lawsuit.

Note: while some lawsuits against funeral homes arise out of negligence, some misconduct is intentional, such as the case with theft of items, abusing the decedent’s body, fraud, or selling organs. If you notice such types of cases, you may file a civil lawsuit citing the intentional behavior, and alert the authorities as soon as possible to initiate criminal charges.

Can I sue a funeral home?

People who can sue for a funeral home lawsuits include the following:

  • Surviving children.
  • Surviving spouse.
  • Any heir stated in the deceased’s will.
  • Surviving parents.

Statute of limitations to pursue your case

The statute of limitations is the time frame to file funeral home claims. In Philadelphia, the statute of limitations for funeral home abuse is 2 years after the date the abuse occurred or was discovered. However, if you miss the deadlines, you will lose all your rights to file a lawsuit or seek any compensation.

Therefore, it’s best to consult an experienced funeral home negligence attorney near you to keep track of all the deadlines and ensure your case stays on track.

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