Police Excessive Force Lawsuit In 2024

Suffering injuries at the hands of a police officer can feel shocking and traumatic. If police treated you improperly, you have the opportunity to seek damages from them by filing a police excessive force lawsuit. Excessive force means more physical force than is reasonably believed to be necessary to conduct a stop or an arrest.

Signs police used excessive force against you or your loved one:

    • A routine encounter with police, such as getting pulled over for a traffic violation, ends in violence against a citizen.
    • Police kick or punch someone who’s restrained on the ground, or handcuffed in police custody and control.
    • The Police use force against someone who is young, old, small, weak, or mentally challenged. 
    • Police barging into your home without permission or a warrant. 
    • Police resort to violence in an encounter instead of giving a warning first. 

To confirm that the officer was enforcing the law, the court will look at all the circumstances, including whether:

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    • The officer was on duty at that time. 
    • The officer was in their uniform.
    • Officer told you they were a police officer. 
    • The officer used police-issued equipment, such as a baton, revolver, squad car, or a Taser. 

Your claims against the police officer

Although you may have a civil lawsuit against the law enforcement officer under state law, most cases that involve the use of excessive force by the police are brought into federal court as opposed to state court. 

Here are the things you can sue for:
    • Death in police custody.
    • Rape in police custody.
    • Grievous injury while in custody.
    • Land/house seized by a police officer.
    • Extortion by a police officer.
    • Any incident that involves serious abuse of authority by a police officer.
 police excessive force lawsuit

What legal actions can be taken?

There are various remedies available to a victim of police misconduct or abuse. It includes:

    • Any victim of police abuse can register an FIR against the errant officer at their nearest police station.
    • If the complaint isn’t accepted, you can send a complaint to the district superintendent of police who can easily look into your matter and order the registration of the FIR. 
    • The victim can also send their complaint to the National Human Rights Commission if there is one in their state. 
    • The victim can hire a professional attorney who can help them to file a claim and win their case with a hassle-free procedure. 

When police officers go too far and violate the constitutional rights of citizens, it is vital to contact a skilled and experienced attorney to discuss your legal rights of recourse. 

If you want a lawyer who cares about you and the outcome of your police excessive force lawsuit, contact Ethen Ostroff Law. He and his professional networks will ensure you get every dollar possible for what you went through. 

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